The left bank of the Don

The Donlevy River bank of the Don is now the business card of Rostov-on-Don, the largest city in the south of Russia. Once upon a time, this river bank was a grove densely populated with trees. Now the left bank of the Don is a whole recreational complex, including: recreation centers, hotels, cafes, restaurants, a city beach, night clubs. Industrial enterprises are located only on a small part of the coast.

Leberdon is how the residents of Rostov-on-Don call a favorite vacation spot. It is here that Rostov residents like to have fun and dance, enjoy local cuisine in the form of kebabs not only in summer, but also in winter. Externally, the left bank of the Don somewhat resembles Las Vegas: the entire territory is brightly lit, live music sounds everywhere, billboards are all around.

On the left bank of the Don, cafes and restaurants are decorated in various designs and offer guests of the city and its residents to enjoy delicious Caucasian, European, Cossack cuisine. In each institution you will be met by a friendly and hospitable staff. It is impossible to choose one restaurant. Locals like to drink coffee in one restaurant, have dinner in another, admire the beauty of the Don River and dance in the third.

The city beach is the largest beach in the city of Rostov-on-Don.

Here residents of the city like to relax with families, groups of friends. In the shade of the trees you can relax and hide from the heat in summer, and on the beach itself you can cook a barbecue.

The 2018 FIFA World Cup will be held in the Southern capital of Russia. Currently, a grandiose construction is underway in Rostov, on the left bank of the Don: the Rostov Arena stadium, a sports and recreational complex. The complex will include: equestrian buildings, 15 sports facilities, a rowing canal. It is also planned that a concert hall of the Rostov Philharmonic will be located on this territory.

On the left bank of the Don, you can really feel the whole flavor of the city, the pulse of its heart. When visiting the Southern capital, be sure to relax on the left bank of the Don — the place where Europe borders Asia.

Involuntarily, the words of Mikhail Shufutinsky’s song “The Left Bank of the Don” come to mind:

“Play, harmonica, play!
We were looking for paradise on earth,
And he, of course, was unthinkably far away,
And it’s just a stone’s throw away, so that grace will come…”