What are SEG displays and what is the feature of this technology?

SEG displays (Segmented Electronically-controlled Glass) is a display technology used in advertising and interior design. They consist of glass panels with electronic components that can change transparency and lighting, creating effects such as changing images or text, as well as visual effects using light. These displays are widely used to create attractive and interactive elements in shops, exhibition stands, billboards and other places.

This type of equipment can be confidently called new and not yet popular enough. Despite its novelty, the equipment is actively used by many companies and in this article we will take a closer look at its key features, which you should definitely know about.

Distinctive advantages of displays

To understand the principle of operation and the relevance of the equipment today, let’s take a closer look at the main advantages of SEG displays over analogues:

  • Design. SEG displays can be manufactured in various shapes and sizes, which allows you to create unique and attractive designs for advertising and interior design.
  • Image quality. Thanks to the use of advanced technologies and materials, SEG displays provide high-quality images with bright colors and clear details.
  • Interactivity. Some SEG display models support interactive interaction functions, allowing users to interact with content through touch or other technologies.
  • Energy efficiency. SEG displays consume less energy compared to some other types of displays, which makes them more economical to operate.
  • Lighting. SEG displays can change the level of transparency and lighting, which allows you to create different effects and attract more attention to the advertising content.

Overall, SEG displays offer unique opportunities to create effective and attractive advertising and interior design, making them the preferred choice for many companies and organizations.

Who are these displays suitable for?

Practice shows that SEG displays are suitable for a wide range of consumers and business sectors. Here are some of them:

  1. Retail stores. SEG displays can be used to attract customers’ attention to promotional offers, new products or seasonal collections.
  2. Shopping malls. In SEG shopping malls, displays can be used to inform visitors about store locations, events, or special promotions.
  3. Exhibition stands. For companies participating in exhibitions and fairs, SEG displays are a great way to attract visitors’ attention to their products and services.
  4. Restaurants and cafes. SEG displays can be used to display menus, special offers, or additional information about the establishment.
  5. Event organizers. SEG displays can be used at conferences, seminars and other events to display information about the program, sponsors or other details.

In general, it can be noted that SEG displays are suitable for any situation where it is necessary to draw attention to certain information or create effective visual content.