The commandments of the slow tourist


No travel agencies and burning tours

And also no guides. Slow tourists plan the route themselves, adding to the must-see list not popular attractions plastered with instagrammers, but what is interesting first of all to them.

If possible, choose a “slow” transport

Slow tourists don’t like to fly on airplanes. Not because of aerophobia, but because airplanes deprive the anticipation of arrival. Cars or trains are much better in this regard, especially if the path runs along long highways like Route 66 or Lincoln Highway in the USA.

Do not live in hotels, hotels and hostels

A slow tourist prefers to rent housing for a long (from one week) period. Or he uses couchsurfing or another service to find a place to stay — at the same time to get to know the locals, who will tell you more than a classic city guide.

Ask for advice from the locals

Where to go, where to drink and eat, how to have fun — only those who live in this city will advise you the best places, and for sure it will leave more vivid impressions than a conventional monument or museum.

A calm daily routine

A slow tourist will not run early to take a queue at the Louvre — he will calmly have breakfast at a local cafe, and then go where he planned. And it doesn’t have to be the main attraction of the city.