Shumak alpine campsite in the mountains of Eastern Sayan

The camp site in the mountains of Eastern Sayan is an unusual and unique tourist base located in a picturesque and inaccessible place at an altitude of 1600 meters above sea level, 180 km from Irkutsk, in the valley of the Shumak River, Eastern Sayan (Okinsky district, Republic of Buryatia).

In conditions of complete remoteness from civilization, there is landscaping at the campsite:

round-the-clock lighting (220V),
electricity is supplied using a solar power plant,
toilets and hot water showers,
own bakery,
satellite TV,
satellite telephone service and internet.
The capacity of the campsite is 48 people. The campsite occupies an area of 5.62 hectares.

At the service of vacationers:

free-standing warm, cozy houses of various capacities,
a video cafe,
a Siberian sauna with a swimming pool,
a shop,
original author’s carved sculptures made of wood,
a gazebo for a bonfire,
a playground,
services, massage services,
In the near future – the construction of a fitness room and new houses.

Wooden sidewalks are laid between all the buildings, raised above the ground and the roots of trees. The territory of the campsite harmoniously fits into the surrounding mountain landscape and “drowns” in thickets of cranberries, raspberries, currants, honeysuckle, various mountain shrubs and flowers. From the height of the flight, it seems as if someone carefully scattered the houses in the middle of the taiga.

The base is a 5-minute walk from the famous therapeutic mineral and radon springs (more than 100 outlets). Shumak waters are effective in the treatment of disorders of the musculoskeletal system, diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous systems, upper respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract, liver and bile ducts, endocrine system and metabolism, skin, gynecological and urological diseases, infertility.


Separate 1-2-bed comfortable houses. In the houses: beds, bedside tables, stools, table, chairs, mirror, hanger, oven, TV – satellite TV, DVD, Internet access. Bathroom (toilet, shower).
Separate 1-6-bed cabins with amenities (toilet, shower) in a separate building. In the houses: beds, bedside tables, stools, hanger, mirror, oven.
Round-the-clock autonomous power supply at the base is provided by Vectron Energy equipment. The wastewater disposal and treatment system has been approved by the State Environmental Expertise. Heating in tourist houses is stove.

At the base, guests can enjoy: rental of fishing gear and tourist equipment, DVDs, helicopter excursions, walking tours of the sacred places of Shumak.