Is there slow tourism in Russia


In Russia, slow tourism has been gradually developing in recent years, but rather weakly and unevenly: there is no centralized route security system, a system for tracking travelers and weather conditions, warning systems or sports fees.

The number of people choosing this type of recreation can be judged only by the statistics of placements in collective sports facilities (for example, those left after the Olympic Games): according to Rosstat, 36.8 million Russian citizens were accommodated in the first nine months of 2017, 41.6 million for the same period in 2018. There is also no rating among the regions of the Russian Federation.

Slow tourism in Europe: in the footsteps of Italian pilgrims

In Europe, slow tourism is developing much more actively, but also not everywhere. The most developed are those directions that have long been trodden by pilgrims. Spiritual tourism and religious sites began to attract not only adherents of religion, but also connoisseurs of tracking, cultural heritage and historical monuments.

On many routes there are associations whose tasks include security control, cleaning, first aid and transportation of travelers’ luggage from the point of yesterday’s overnight stay to today.