How to quickly regain an erection? Doctors’ advice for men

Viagra pills are familiar to literally every man over 30 years old, and their popularity began back in 1990. It was at that time that Viagra was first introduced to the world as a full-fledged cure for problems with male erection. Since then, the popularity of the pills has been kept at a high level, which only confirms its relevance and high efficiency. The demand for the pills is quite simple to explain, because in the world a huge number […]

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Shumak alpine campsite in the mountains of Eastern Sayan

The camp site in the mountains of Eastern Sayan is an unusual and unique tourist base located in a picturesque and inaccessible place at an altitude of 1600 meters above sea level, 180 km from Irkutsk, in the valley of the Shumak River, Eastern Sayan (Okinsky district, Republic of Buryatia).

In conditions of complete remoteness from civilization, there is landscaping at the campsite:

round-the-clock lighting (220V),
electricity is supplied using a solar power plant,
toilets and hot water showers,
own bakery,
satellite […]

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The commandments of the slow tourist


No travel agencies and burning tours

And also no guides. Slow tourists plan the route themselves, adding to the must-see list not popular attractions plastered with instagrammers, but what is interesting first of all to them.

If possible, choose a “slow” transport

Slow tourists don’t like to fly on airplanes. Not because of aerophobia, but because airplanes deprive the anticipation of arrival. Cars or trains are much better in this regard, especially if the path runs along long highways like Route 66 or […]

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Is there slow tourism in Russia


In Russia, slow tourism has been gradually developing in recent years, but rather weakly and unevenly: there is no centralized route security system, a system for tracking travelers and weather conditions, warning systems or sports fees.

The number of people choosing this type of recreation can be judged only by the statistics of placements in collective sports facilities (for example, those left after the Olympic Games): according to Rosstat, 36.8 million Russian citizens were accommodated in the first nine months of […]

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