Country Kenya

Do not go, children, to Africa for a walk
Kenyans go to Africa,

To Africa for a walk!

There are sharks in Africa,

There are gorillas in Africa,

In Africa , the big,

Angry crocodiles.

Well, we all remember this famous song of Barmalei, but we won’t listen to him and go for a walk in Africa.

KeniaItak: the country of Kenya is an African country that got its name from the name of its highest mountain.

Kenya has been ruled by the Portuguese since the end of […]

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Which is better: a hostel or a hotel?

What is the difference between a hotel and a hostel? Most people think that the price is always more affordable in the second case. And how much is this true? And how can this savings affect the convenience of living? We will discuss this below.

Let’s make a reservation right away: the difference is comparative. You can always find a good hostel with absolutely free Wi-Fi, cable channels, personal storage, accommodation in a separate room and other amenities. But the price […]

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What is slow tourism?


Few people will be surprised by a photo next to the Eiffel Tower, but the experience of a two—week life in Paris is quite enough. This is the main idea of slow tourism, or slow tourism: to chase not the number of sights seen, but the quality and fullness of the rest.

At the origins of slow tourism are the terms “slow city” (cittaslow) and “slow food” (slow food). The first appeared as a counterbalance to megacities full of technological progress […]

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Slow vehicles: legs and bicycles


The usual means of transportation for slow travelers is on their own two feet. Judging by the statistics of different routes, approximately 89% of tourists in 2018 traveled on foot. Many people make their own routes, pack backpacks and download apps to a smartphone with GPS sensors, but if you are not a very experienced slow traveler, you may not take into account various important nuances, and it would be easier and safer to join an organized group.


The number of […]

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