Which is better: a hostel or a hotel?

What is the difference between a hotel and a hostel? Most people think that the price is always more affordable in the second case. And how much is this true? And how can this savings affect the convenience of living? We will discuss this below.

Let’s make a reservation right away: the difference is comparative. You can always find a good hostel with absolutely free Wi-Fi, cable channels, personal storage, accommodation in a separate room and other amenities. But the price will also meet the conditions. Conversely, a cheap hotel is unlikely to please you with service.

Gostiny Dvor in Ivanovo Hotel in Ivanovo

So there are no differences? Not quite. As we found out, first of all you need to study the list of services provided. That’s how you will understand that the hotel is almost always much better equipped. You will not find a sauna or a bathhouse in any hostel – at most a shower cabin. There will not be a billiard room there either, only a small table in the common room. And an ordinary dining room will try to replace the restaurant. Free parking? Leave your car in the backyard, but no one is going to follow it. As well as changing towels. Even if the service is decent, it still cannot be compared with the hotel.

For a reason, the hostel evokes associations with uncomfortable common rooms, stale bed linen and loud neighbors. The stereotype is firmly fixed in our head that a hostel is profitable, but inconvenient. Most often it turns out that way.

You can stay really comfortably exclusively at the hotel. Moreover, there are also affordable ones among them. For example, in Ivanovo, the Gostiny Dvor Hotel provides economy and business class rooms. As well as a restaurant with three rooms, two saunas with hydro massage, a swimming pool, etc. We recommend booking a hotel room and not skimping on comfort.