Country Kenya

Do not go, children, to Africa for a walk
Kenyans go to Africa,

To Africa for a walk!

There are sharks in Africa,

There are gorillas in Africa,

In Africa , the big,

Angry crocodiles.

Well, we all remember this famous song of Barmalei, but we won’t listen to him and go for a walk in Africa.

KeniaItak: the country of Kenya is an African country that got its name from the name of its highest mountain.

Kenya has been ruled by the Portuguese since the end of the 15th century, then by the British, but in 1963, thanks to Jomo Kenyatto, the country gained independence.

Kenya is a highly developed country and the financial center of the African continent. We will not list everything, but we will only say that there are diamonds, oil, coffee and much, much more in Kenya.

When you first get into Kenya, the M-peso payment system strikes, you don’t need to carry cash at all, you can pay for everything with a short SMS from an M-peso card.

Kenya, Kenya Beach, is unique not only in nature and beaches, but also in the weather: in continental Kenya: warm during the day, cool at night, in the mountainous part: hot during the day, up to +4 at night, excellent on the coast during the day (+30), very comfortable at night (+24). Since Kenya crosses the equator, the weather is very stable and the rainy season is simply absent.

Most people, for some reason, think that there is a very high crime rate in Kenya. We hasten to assure you that this is not the case, although in Nairobi, in some areas it is better not to go white, but in all other places, including the coast… everything is quite normal.

By the way: Kenya is a country where smoking is officially prohibited, but smoking zones are allocated everywhere on the streets, restaurants, train stations.

Let’s take a closer look at the different aspects of staying in Kenya.

Food in Kenya
In Kenya, Arabic cuisine, Indian, Portuguese, and even English are mixed… so if you see oatmeal for breakfast, then don’t be surprised, the food in Kenya is very diverse. Kenya is a highly developed country and a lot of what they have now is left over from the Portuguese and the British, Arabs and Hindus.

Food in Kenya – Mbuzi Kenyan food, it is something very similar to Russian… This is an abundance of different types of meat, fish and seafood. For example: the traditional Kenyan dish “Mbuzi”, which is cooked on an open fire, on the grill.

In general, everything that Kenyans fry or cook, it has no equal in taste and aroma.

By the way, the price tag for food is very democratic… a huge plate of Mbuzi in a good restaurant costs about 800 KES ($ 8), how should I say this, remember the cartoon where the wolf comes out from under the table with the words – “I’ll sing right now”, after a plate of mbuzi, you feel the same. And if you eat it in an ordinary, local restaurant on the street, then it costs 280KES ($2.8) at all.

The food in Kenya – ChapatIn is less tasty, the traditional Kenyan flatbread “Chapati”, yes, yes, this dish came to them from India.

What about drinking? – you ask.

In Kenya, as in many other countries, you can only drink bottled water… or boiled.

Some guidebooks say that even you need to wash with bottled water, personally the author of this review, washed and brushed his teeth with ordinary tap water.

Food in Kenya – Masala Tea I would especially like to note masala tea is a delicious black tea with milk and spices, the author preferred this tea before going to bed … (it’s very good to sleep after it).

A special place should be left for seafood… there are a great many of them, several types of lobsters, crabs, possible shells, mussels.

Kenyans like to cook seafood with an Italian accent, such as lobster in cream sauce, especially if you eat it on the shores of the Indian Ocean, near Jambo ruins.

In general, when coming to Kenya, do not be afraid, Kenyan food will be to your taste.

Hotels in Kenya
So, everything related to the issue of living in Kenya is divided into:

We can immediately say that the star rating of hotels in Kenya means practically nothing and it is simply useless to understand why two stars are more expensive than four stars. Hoteliers in Kenya themselves assign stardom based on their ideas about it.Safari Camp Let’s try to understand what is the difference between different types of housing. We will stop with you at Camps and Lodges, as we have seen and know everything else everywhere.

Camp: A hotel consisting of detached large tents with electricity and light with normal beds and amenities, which is usually located on the territory of national parks (Maasai Mara, Amboselli, etc.). Someone may say: – What about security? We will answer: – Everything is fine with security. Everything is under guard.

Lodge in Kenyiloj: these are detached houses made of stone or wood with a thatched roof, sometimes resembling the houses of traditional Africans. And we must repeat that everything is fine with security in Kenya. And also note that in all national parks of Kenya, in camps and lodges there is full board. Except alcohol.

As for hotels and bungalows, be sure to ask the hotelier if they have fresh water flowing from the tap and if there is a hot shower. It cannot be said that the water flows strongly salty, but in some coastal hotels and bungalows, slightly salted water flows. Which has never been a problem for the author personally, since the hotel staff always reacted quite positively to the request to bring a couple of buckets of fresh water.

Important: in Kenya, not all hotels have breakfast, but around, including the beach, you can always drink fragrant Kenyan coffee, so when you book a hotel yourself, look carefully at this option (if breakfast is important to you).